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Support the outdoors community, join Outdoors WA

Outdoors WA is a membership organisation representing the WA camping, outdoor recreation, outdoor education, adventure therapy and adventure providers. 

Members include outdoor recreation, outdoor education and adventure tourism operators as well as clubs, outdoor event organisers, retailers and professional associations. You can see the strategic direction here. You can also download the latest annual report free. 

Join our growing outdoor community - become a member of Outdoors WA. 

We have moved to a simple online membership system managed within Trybookings. 

Join online with your credit card here.


Download the membership flyer here

All members agree to abide by the Outdoors WA constitution and Code of Conduct.

Outdoors WA seeks to foster the provision of safe, high quality outdoor adventure activity programs in WA by facilitating a professional network and providing the following opportunities, services and benefits to members:

  • E-news monthly communications
  • E-lerts - anything we think you would like to hear about
  • Affiliation with and representation on state and national bodies including: 
    • Outdoor Council of Australia
    • Outdoor Education Australia
  • Representation and advocacy with 
    • Associated industries, State Government and Inter-Agency Forums
    • Federal Government
  • Website links for Organisational members 
  • Professional development calendar
  • Discounted access to professional development, training, registration and accreditation initiatives including;
    • National Outdoor Leader Registration Scheme
    • Seminars and Events
    • Resources and Information
  • Professional network access
    • Local
    • National

The growth in consumer demand for outdoor recreation, outdoor education and camping programs by sectors of the public, including the corporate, not for profit, educational and tourism sectors, has resulted in viable career opportunities. Consumer demand however has not only grown in terms of quantity of program services, but also in terms of their quality.

Our industry has not escaped the world wide quality revolution, bringing with it increased requirements including currency of professional standards and qualifications in service delivery. Litigation and insurance industry changes have also exerted influence on our industry and how we work.

Membership of Outdoors WA is deemed by many as an integral component of being professional within our profession, it provides the opportunities to be active at a sector level and the communication conduits necessary to remain current and the outdoors community. 

Associates receive most member benefits but not voting rights, member discounts or affiliation to national associations.

Outdoors WA has offered an 'Associate membership' open to students (Associate membership, 2018/19 fees have been waived for full time students studying in outdoor leadership as an initiative to support the future of the sector. There is no voting rights for Associate membership).  This is to encourage participation within the association. 

Life Members

Outdoors WA recognises via 'Life Membership' the outstanding contribution of these individuals to the outdoors sector over many years. These people have made the outdoors community a better place and are recognised by their peers and fellow outdoor leaders.

The following people have been conferred life membership of Outdoors WA in appreciation of their excellent effort to advance the outdoors sector and the work of Outdoors WA.

  • Peter White
  • Tom Shackles
  • Terry Hewett
  • Mal Gilbey
  • Keith Cook
  • Lesley Pearse

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Outdoors WA  |   Tel: 0434 587 494   |    Email:   |   17 Hackett Drive CRAWLEY WA 6009