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Start planning your adventures!

Work is stressful so look after your body and your mind and get out.

Whether it be a stroll with your friend along the beach, an abseiling buzz with your partner or an intense mountain bike ride with a group, make sure you plan something for the weekend to look forward to.

Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

  • Choose an activity that you will enjoy.
  • Choose a day, a time, a place, a distance that works for you.
  • Choose the right company to distract you whilst you are doing it to make it easier.
  • Choose to look after yourself, to challenge yourself and to breathe in the fresh air and breathe out the stress.

Release some beneficial happy chemicals and hormones whilst you exercise!

SEROTININ: Serotonin is a chemical responsible for happiness, restful sleep and a healthy appetite. When you exercise serotonin levels increase. Increased serotonin leads to more energy and clearer thinking.

ENDORPHINS: Endorphins are chemicals that are released by your pituitary gland. Endorphins make you feel happy, almost exhilarated so tend to block any feelings of pain experienced during exercise, allowing you to power through most body discomforts whilst exercising.

DOPAMINE: Dopamine is known as the pleasure chemical. Exercising helps stimulate the production of dopamine. Studies have found that a brain with a deficiency in dopamine receptors is more prone to weight gain. So exercising regularly will help keep the dopamine levels up in order to reduce overeating.

ESTROGEN: Estrogen in the body determines whether carbs or fat fuel the body during an intense exercise session. Generally women tend to burn fat for fuel as they have higher estrogen levels, whilst men tend to burn carbs. Women will tend to experience some wight gain during menopause because of lowered estrogen levels.

Did you know trees and plants release phytoncides, which are anti-bacterial chemicals?

Studies have found that these chemicals can have a significant effect on reducing stress as people who spend more time in nature and green spaces have lower cortisol levels, an improved immune system and increased energy levels.